Strategic Partners

At MIS we appreciate the time and effort that goes into building your business.  We also understand all the different challenges and areas where our clients may need some additional support.  Through our travels we have worked with some very impressive professionals and have partnered with them in an effort to provide you with a list of resources.  We are confident in referring these individuals and hope you will find this list valuable in getting help in other areas of expertise.


Daruma Technologies takes its name from the legendary Japanese daruma doll, a traditional symbol of fortune, resilience, and goal setting. Daruma dolls are designed to stay standing – if toppled, they’re upright again in an instant. They come with empty eyes –by tradition, owners paint in one eye when they set a goal for themselves, and paint in the second only once the goal is achieved.

Daruma’s mission is to empower growing businesses like yours with the custom digital tools you need to stand tall in a competitive market, and the know-how you need to establish and achieve your goals. Whether you envision a custom mobile app or a company-wide intranet, Daruma has the experience and expertise to make it happen. Powered by an international team of industry experts in critical disciplines from IT to software design to marketing, Daruma engages industry-leading companies with a proven systematic program.

YOLO Group, inc