Why Hire MIS?

Hiring a consultant can be a daunting task due to a number of factors:

  • Are they competent?
  • Are they honest?
  • Will they deliver on time and ultimately?
  • Is there a reasonable return on the investment?

Here is what MIS will deliver to you and all our customers:

  • Above all, honest and ethical approach to any work provided, whether done in front of you on site or work that we are commissioned to do remotely (all remote work is recorded on a time sheet where task is tracked to the minute).
  • Specifically, If we don't do it correctly or don't know something in keeping with what a professional Act! Certified Consulant should know we will NOT charge you. (excluding defects or known issues with Act).
  • Larger projects are recorded into a Project Plan that we have developed that tracks very specifically what was requested, when it is needed, time usage and much more.
  • Your interests are our focused concern. Servicing your company in a timely and professional manner is the basis for long term business relationships.

Yes, I know, these sentiments have been repeated ad nauseum, but we look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that that is actually the case. Thank you.