Two Types of Projects

How We Estimate and Execute Projects

There are two types of projects - Short Term and Long Term

  • The Short Term Project: These are simple, straight-forward procedures that are easy to estimate and don’t require the overhead of a project scope and or project planning.
  • The Long Term Project: These requires a more in-depth look at your company's sales and business processes. By taking to time to meet with the decision makers, we can not only design a more suitable system, but help you avoid going in a direction that may seem obvious, but may not be the most advantageous. By taking the information that we gather we develop a comprehensive Project Scope.

This is similar to a blueprint that an engineer must design prior to building a requested project. Think of the value of the scope time needed to design a single jet engine part prior to production of that part. In our project budgeting, we list this time as a separate line item from the actual hand's on consulting work because it will actually define the amount and type of hand's on consulting required. This approach allows us to offer flat rates on specific items or an entire phase of the project.

Whichever project type you consider, remember that quality consulting doesn't cost as much as it's return on your investment!  (click picture to view larger)

Project Life Cycle