Project Scope

Why Scope? Planning pays!

Project Scope Triangle

There are times when a potential project is neither simple nor small. Utilization of a small fraction of billable time to scope a project time is advantageous in that it allows the consultant to develop a concise blueprint. These steps can navigate unforeseen issues and minimize wasted time and money during the project. With this feedback, the client can effectively decide what to pursue and where to invest their time and resources.
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Project Life Cycle Overview

pdficon_large - Click here to download copy of Project Scope Diagram

One element of your project scope would be a sales process flowchart, as seen below. You will also be provided a project document which is used during the course of the project to keep you informed of your projects status. (click picture to view larger)

Main Sales Process

pdficon_large - Click here to download copy of Sales Process flow chart