The Return on Act! Consulting

Effective consulting can help you to determine which feature should be customized and which options specifically are available to you. Even something as basic as field customization can make a significant difference if there is foresight and experience in sales process design. Such field customizations can guide your Sales Process flow, Query and group usage and much more.

When your design requirements exceed Act’s standard feature set, there is a plethora of well-designed add-ons that will help you to enhance your current investment in Act. One such add-on is called Durkin Impact Suite which does a very good job of adding sub-tables seamlessly into Act. With this product, you can extend the capability of Act far beyond the standard Act capability 

Imagine being able to track inventory,  project management data or billable services in Act. Adding Durkin’s features to Act converts it into a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).  (For more details on the Durkin Impact Suite , please click here)

The value statement that we can make is this: if an Act Database is customized/programmed by a competent professional, the ROI on their fee should be returned many times over by the increase in profitability that you will experience in sales. Call today to talk to a certified Act professional so we can learn more about your requirements and provide you with profitable recommendations.

Please see below our flowchart which helps all involved to understand how a sales process can be  designed for Act. Call 561-287-1572 to have an Act! Certified Consultant  help  you develop your specific sales process. (click on image below to view larger)

Main Sales Process

See the Fields that drive the flowchart below.

Data Dashboard