Compare Versions - Act v16

Act! is a feature-rich, robust contact and CRM solution ideal for individuals and small business. Many of our clients have asked us how determine which of Act's 2 version are rifghtfor their business. This table below summarizes the basic differences between Act! Pro and Act! Premium.


ACT! Pro

ACT! Premium

Contact and Customer Management
Maintain contact details, notes, history, activities, opportunities, documents, secondary contacts, and more on Contact Records Checkmark Checkmark
Duplicate checking and the ability to merge records Checkmark Checkmark
Lookups and Searching
All Lookup features are the same for both editions Checkmark Checkmark
Sales Opportunity Management
Built-in or custom sales process with multiple steps Checkmark Checkmark
Track product/services, details, and more for each sales opportunity Checkmark Checkmark
Calendar and Activity Management
Schedule calls, meetings, and to-dos, plus custom activities Checkmark Checkmark
At-a-glance user availability   Checkmark
Prospect and Customer Communications
ACT! and Outlook® e-mail integration Checkmark Checkmark
Create activities and contacts from Outlook e-mails Checkmark Checkmark
Dashboards and Reporting
Dashboard with team views   Checkmark
Data Sharing and Security
Act Pro limited to 10 users-Premium not limited   Checkmark
Record and field level security Checkmark
Anywhere Workforce
Windows or offline access Checkmark Checkmark
Web access   Checkmark
Act! Premium Mobile Checkmark